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Neurological Surgery Specialists of North Texas – Comprehensive Treatment of the Entire CNS

Our Philosophy

The Neurological Surgery Specialists of North Texas philosophy is to perform the smallest intervention possible that has a good likelihood of improving a patient’s current condition. Most of the time this consists of non-surgical treatment. We offer an excellent program of physical therapy, medical management, and localized injections. When surgery is indicated, we make a focused effort to perform the smallest surgery possible. We utilize minimally invasive techniques and the newest technologies to preserve a patients range of motion and functional capacity. We are committed to getting our patients back to their optimal quality of life. Extensive fusions and spinal screw instrumentation are reserved only for a handful of cases. We are honored to be your referral source for all surgical disorders of the brain, spine, and peripheral nerves.

Minimally Invasive Techniques Available:

  • Minimally invasive lumbar discectomy through a 20mm incision
  • Artificial cervical disc as an alternative to fusion
  • Artificial lumbar disc as an alternative to fusion
  • Minimally invasive lumbar fusion through two 1” incisions
  • Kyphoplasty for minimally invasive treatment of spinal fractures
  • Endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery for quicker healing
  • Commitment to minimizing spinal fusions
  • Comprehensive non-operative program
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery for treatment of certain brain conditions
  • X-Stop interspinous distraction device


For scheduling of an appointment, please call our main office number at 940-234-3000. For your convenience, we accept most major insurance programs. We are committed to taking care of your entire patient population.

Acute Problems / Rapid Work-In

If you have a patient with an acute problem that needs an urgent, same-day or next-day evaluation, please convey this information to our scheduler and we will see them within 24 hours. This would include sudden significant shooting pain into an arm or leg; sudden progressive weakness; or sudden mental status changes.

Ancillary Services

For your convenience, we offer in-office MRI and X-Ray diagnostics. If your patient has acute symptoms of nerve root compression, we can often work them in, perform the necessary diagnostic imaging, see the patient, and formulate a treatment plan, all in one visit. We provide epidural steroid injections, trigger point injections, and PT referrals.

Hospital Affiliations

We carry active hospital appointments at:
• United Regional Health Care System – Wichita Falls, TX
• Kell West Regional Hospital – Wichita Falls, TX

Referral Form for Outside Referring Physician Practices should be faxed to: 940-687-6001