Sven Hochheimer, MD


About Dr. Sven Hochheimer

Dr. Hochheimer specializes in disorders of the spine using contemporary minimally invasive techniques as well as offering modern options for disc replacement or disc arthroplasty, neuromodulation for pain management, and surgery for disorders of peripheral nerves like carpal tunnel syndrome and ulnar neuropathy. He has interests in treating brain and spinal conditions using minimally invasive endoscopy approaches which serve to improve the recovery times and outcomes for patients. Dr. Hochheimer, through many years of military experience and service, offers some of the most novel and innovative options for the care of traumatic conditions involving the brain and spine.

Dr. Hochheimer grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado where he graduated from high school demonstrating academic excellence. He entered the Air Force after high school where he initially trained as a physician assistant mastering the program which he completed with highest honors. Thereafter, he completed medical school training followed by the Air Force neurosurgical residency program. Dr. Hochheimer cared for Air Force patients serving at multiple different locations including deployments overseas where he gained valuable experience caring for our wounded military as we as foreign citizens.

Dr. Hochheimer has actively trained neurosurgical residents in the Air Force in the United States where he excelled in academic neurosurgery until he retired in 2019, after a decorated career

A common theme which has followed Dr. Hochheimer through his education and training has been his unparalleled academic honors and achievements. He has received honors bestowed on few in literally every aspect of his education. He relentlessly pursues knowledge related to surgical techniques to achieve the best possible outcome for his patients.

He enjoys time spent with his family. He enjoys outdoor activities like rafting, skiing, mountain biking and shooting guns.