I thought Neurosurgeons only worked on the brain. Do you do enough spine surgery to be good at it?

We take pride in offering the best spine treatment available. We are uniquely qualified to manage all your spinal disorders. Why? Neurosurgeons actually complete more spinal surgery training than any other specialty. Furthermore, we are the only physicians that treat the entire CNS. This includes the spinal cord itself, the individual nerves, and all the structures surrounding the spinal cord: the bones of the spine, the discs, and the ligaments. Because neurosurgeons spend most of their time treating spine problems, they are familiar with all treatment options and are uniquely qualified to determine which option will be the safest and most effective for each patient. Finally, Neurosurgeons are the only spine specialists to receive formal training in Neurology and Neuro-Radiology. We are well qualified to diagnose neurologic conditions, interpret MRI scans and CAT scans, and make professional judgment regarding treatment options.